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Powered by LG Lithium NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) pouch cells, Nanointech is creating a standard for mobility battery solutions based on in-house developed advanced Battery Management System (BMS) hardware and software design technology. NanoIntech manufactures battery packs that meet global standards by applying high-level design and full automation technology.


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About NanoIntech Batteries
Korean based battery manufacturer NanoIntech and its partner LG Energy Solution is
launching a new business initiative to market its Lithium-Ion NMC batteries to the North American EV, Golf Cars and LSV markets.

The NanoIntech Lithium batteries offer superior performance and range benefits
over traditional lead acid batteries and even the lower cost lithium batteries being sourced from unreliable manufacturers.

NanoIntech batteries are designed to be easily adapted (plug-and-play) into any
domestic or imported golf car in today’s product market and can also be offered to
fit into many Marine and RV manufacturers’ power systems.

The most significant product advantage is the advanced technologies that are designed into the in-house developed Battery Management System (BMS). Furthermore, AI and 5G wireless functions and capabilities of the NanoIntech battery systems that will provide the consumer with “ease of mind” battery management.

  • Powered by LG Energy Solution Cells, Nanointech boasts of one of the most reliable Battery solutions in the world.
  • Exclusively distributed and serviced by Z.ONE EV AMERICA INC. Georgia, USA, communication channel is prompt and effective.
  • From our Skateboard Battery Pack to our Smart Battery pack, you are guaranteed to find a battery that meets your formfactor and power specification.
  • Our Battery Management System (BMS) system is designed to not only keep the battery safe, but also the user. With Nanointech’s BMS, you can continue to use your Electric Vehicle worry free.
  • Our AI powered Monitoring System helps you not only monitor your battery, but predict and prevent problems that may occur in a battery without AI capabilities.
  • 5G and Bluetooth capabilities ensure you are always connected to your Battery System from anywhere. Your smart phone becomes vehicle information cluster even with speed-o-meter.
  • LG Lithium-Ion NMC (Cobalt Manganese Nickle) cell uses POUCH Cells which provide higher power output.
  • Our cells which are 1/3 lighter and compact than conventional tubular lithium cells that are currently used in the industry.
  • Rather than competing in the market based on the logic that one side’s technology is superior… it would be better to view the manufacturer as superiority, global company LG.
  • Another importance is the recycling plans for lithium cells. LG has already operating lithium cell recycling plants for their batteries. Not sure other suppliers have recycling plans at all.
What is the difference between Nanointech’s Battery System and other lithium battery manufacturers?
A) NanoIntech’s BMS includes AI control and predictive modeling. This ensures that the battery continuously runs safely and efficiently before any problems occur. Most standard EV BMS systems have a reactive based BMS which can only react to problems as they are occurring.

B) The Nanointech battery pack boasts the world’s greatest energy density / power output. Also, it is a Much lighter in weight battery cells with a 1/3rd smaller in size but still out performs on performance and distance per charge in comparison to other heavier and larger lithium batteries, specifically phosphate LiFePO4.

C) Nanointech manufactures the entire battery pack in-house under full automation. This gives us full control over the quality of the battery and cuts out the supply problem as well as the costs incurred by using a middle man.

The difficulties surrounding recycling Li-Ion batteries are becoming a global topic. What are your plans around recycling your battery packs?
A) LG currently operates its recycling facilities in Poland and expected to build additional recycling plants around the world. With over 5 scheduled lithium battery manufacturing plants in the US, with GM and Honda, we are also planning to build recycling facilities in the US in the near future.

B) Currently, less than 5% of all Li-Ion batteries in America are recycled properly. Most companies are reviewing how their lithium battery used in EVs are recycled. For that reason, NanoIntech plans to hold business consultations with high-speed vehicle battery suppliers (LG, Samsung, SK, etc…) to jointly develop modules from recycled materials that can be used on electric golf cars, utility vehicles, LSVs and other low speed personal transportation.

Will the batteries continue to be made in Korea and supplied to the North American market? Logistics costs are expected to be formidable.
A) Currently, all of our batteries are made and packaged in Korea. As we grow our markets in America, we plan to open assembly plants in the USA to supply our customers without accruing costs of importing materials.

B) We believe these segments of market, low speed personal vehicles, commercial vehicles and recreational mobility market is as big as high-speed EV market. Therefore, we will definitely expend our operation in this market and provide a highest quality & engineered products & services to American customers that can be rely on.